Adam Sussman

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Adam Sussman
Occupation Director of Research
Employer TABB Group
Location New York
LinkedIn Profile

Adam Sussman is head of market structure and liquidity partnerships at Liquidnet. He joined in that role in April 2014.[1]

He was previously director of research at TABB Group and an author of many reports on market structure. He joined TABB Group in October of 2004.[2] He also is a freelance writer, and has published articles in Details, Men’s Health and Time Out New York magazines.

Sussman is the author of "Performance Anxiety: A Buy-Side Study on Benchmarks and the Investment Process." The report, published in December of 2007, offers a close up look at the index industry.[3]


Sussman joined TABB Group after serving as a senior product manager responsible for order management systems, routing and trading tools focused on the equities and options markets at Ameritrade, a brokerage industry subsidiary of Ameritrade Holding Corporation. His research at TABB focused on equity market structure issues, including off-exchange trading and low-latency activity. In 2009, he testified before the US Senate on high-frequency trading, dark pools and naked access.

He joined Ameritrade in 2002 with its acquisition of Datek Online and worked to merge each company’s technologies. He also developed several strategic initiatives, including a dynamic algorithmic order router.

At Datek Online, beyond his primary responsibility for Datek Streamer, which was built on Windows servers and the first real-time streaming market data product available through the Internet. He also ran market data processing, overseeing their decimalization conversion efforts in 2001.[4]

His background includes teaching English as a second language in Changwon, South Korea.


He holds a BA in philosophy and comparative literature at the University of Rhode Island.[5]


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