Akira Kiyota

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Akira Kiyota
Occupation Director & Representative Executive Officer, Group CEO
Employer Japan Exchange Group

Akira Kiyota is director & representative executive officer and group CEO of Japan Exchange Group.[1]


Kiyota has been the group chief executive officer of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. since June 16, 2015 and serves as its representative executive officer. He previously served as the CEO and president of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

Earlier Kiyota served as the senior managing director of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. He also served as its chairman from July, 2008 to April 2011. He joined Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. (the predecessor to Daiwa Securities Group Inc.) in April 1969 and served as its head of Tobu Area Sales Division since June 1994, head of Bond & Finance Division since May 1996, managing director since June 1997 and deputy president since October 1997.[2]



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