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Aleks Kins
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Location Chicago

Aleks Kins was co-founder, president and CEO[1][2] of AlphaMetrix, a registered commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator, an alternative investment advisory firm that specialized in trading manager research, due diligence and developing technology for risk management and quantitative analysis purposes.[3] He is also a principal with Dekla Financial LLC, an introducing broker. The firm collapsed in 2013 amid allegations of misappropriation of funds and "issuing false or misleading account statements to conceal fraud."[4]

On December 18, 2014, the CFTC revoked the registration of Kins and AlphaMetrix under the terms of a settlement reached with the commission, which also included the payment of restitution of $2.8 million, plus a civil penalty of $2.8 million.[5][6]


Kins has managed institutional portfolios and investing with commodity trading advisors (CTA) and hedge funds for well over a decade. He has conducted due diligence on, and allocated assets to, several hundred alternative investment trading advisors. He is often cited in industry publications discussing topics in the realm of alternative investments. Kins has been the author or co-author of several book chapters and articles on the subject of alternative investments as well, and he is regularly invited to speak at global industry conferences.[7]

Prior to AlphaMetrix[8], Kins was the president and co-founder of Access Asset Management, a Chicago-based division of RQSI. While at Access, Kins created the Emerging CTA Index Fund. Kins was also previously with Carr Global Advisors, a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Indosuez. He also worked in the research department at Chicago Mercantile Exchange.[9]


Kins holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Brown University.[10]



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