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AlgoServer is Patsystems algorithmic trading tool. AlgoServer facilitates straightforward development and distribution of brokers’ proprietary algorithms to customers, along with integration with Patsystems’ Order Management System (OMS) for seamless management and execution of orders.

AlgoServer currently supports single-contract algorithms. In addition to support for proprietary algorithms, three standard algorithms will be available to work with AlgoServer:

  • Time-sliced orders

This method supports the execution of a large order in smaller clips over a specified period of time, requiring selection of either the clip size or time interval;

  • “With a tick”

Also known as “Finessing”, this method allows a trader to exploit falling volume at a less-favourable price level as an indicator of an imminent price move, by moving their own order price to meet the change;

  • OCO Limit Stop

An “Order Cancels Order” method, whereby the profit target is set with a Limit order, while a Stop order provides protection from losses.