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Headquarters Denver, Colorado and Boca Raton, Florida
Products Electronic marketplace for wholesale and retail distributors of cannabis

The Amercanex Corp is the first fully electronic marketplace in which wholesale and retail distributors of cannabis can sell, buy, or exchange their inventories on a fully disclosed and transparent market. The main function of the marketplace is to ensure fair and orderly transactions, as well as efficient dissemination of price information for any product bought, sold, or exchanged on the Electronic Cannabis Market (ECM).[1]

Although marijuana is currently illegal in New York, Amercanex CEO Steve Janjic is building the infrastructure for a brick-and-mortar exchange in New York to be prepared once marijuana is declassified as a Schedule 1 drug. That infrastructure includes 22,000 virtual seats that are selling for $5,000 a piece. At least 2,200 have sold so far.[2]

Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have either legalized some form of marijuana use or possession, or are in the process of doing so. According to Janjic, "The patchwork nature of marijuana legalization on the local, state and federal levels creates problems for buyers, sellers and users," which Amercanex hopes to address.[3]

The exchange does not touch the physical product.


In August 2015, Amercanex entered into a strategic partnership with Dixie Brands Inc., providing Dixie’s affiliates by state the rights to conduct wholesale distribution of the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles line.[4]

Richard Schaeffer, former NYMEX Chairman, and David Greenberg, former NYMEX Board Member, joined the board of Amercanex in September 2015.[5]

Products and Services

ACE Marketplace is the web-based user-interface to the Electronic Cannabis Market.[6]

Key People


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