Anthony Ward

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Anthony Ward
Occupation co-founder
Employer Armajaro Holdings
Location London

Anthony Ward is a co-founder of Armajaro Holdings. He is also the non-executive Chairman of Armajaro Trading Limited.

A long-time cocoa trader, Ward made financial market headlines in July 2010 when he took a major position in cocoa markets and then took delivery of 240,000 metric tonnes of the soft commodity, roughly 7 percent of the world's supply.[1]


Prior to joining Armajaro, Ward was the director and head trader for cocoa and coffee at Phibro. He has over 27 years experience in trading soft commodities with a focus on coffee and cocoa. Ward also served as the Chairman of the European Cocoa Association. [2]

Ward's foray into the cocoa markets began when he joined E.F. Hutton, in 1980, where he worked as an apprentice. He also spent time at Phibro, the commodities arm of Salomon Smith Barney where he lead cocoa and coffee trading. [3]


Ward attended Marlborough College, an elite private boarding school in the United Kingdom.


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