Axel Vischer

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Axel Vischer
Occupation Head of New Initiatives - North America
Employer Eurex
Location Chicago
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Dr. Axel Vischer is a Theoretical Nuclear Physicist and Chicago-based exchange executive who serves as the head of new initiatives for Eurex in North America.[1]


Vischer joined Eurex in 2003 as part of their product development team to to help redesign their market-making model.[2] He has held various jobs within Eurex Product Development, Eurex Market Development and ISE Corporate Initiative.

He was previously a senior quantitative analyst with Equity Futures and Options Trading GmbH a proprietary trading group formed by ex-traders from Salomon Brothers. Vischer started his career after earning his Ph.D. at Salomon Brothers as a quantitative analyst.[3]


Vischer holds a Ph.D from Oregon State University in the field of theoretical nuclear physics.


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