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Dr. Burton Malkiel
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Occupation Author, professor of economics
Employer Princeton University

Dr. Burton G. Malkiel, the Chemical Bank Chairman’s Professor of Economics at Princeton University, is the author of the widely read investment book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street (ISBN 0393047814).


Malkiel has held professorships in economics at Princeton, where he was also chairman of the Economics Department. He was dean of the Yale School of Organization and William S. Beinecke Professor of Management Studies there.

He is a past appointee to the Council of Economic Advisors. In addition, he is a director of The Vanguard Group of Investment Companies; Prudential Insurance Company of America; BKF Capital Group; and The Jeffrey Company, a private investment firm. He also sits on the Investment Committee for the American Philosophical Association. He is a past president of the American Finance Association and is a member of the American Economic Association.

He began his career in the investment banking department of Smith Barney & Co.

He is also the author or co-editor of eight other books, the most recent of which are Global Bargain Hunting: The Investor’s Guide to Profits in Emerging Markets (ISBN 0684848082), with J. P. Mei and The Index Fund Solution(ISBN 0684865963), with Richard Evans.


He holds a B.A. and MBA degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. degree from Princeton University.