Carl Nilsen

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Carl Nilsen
Occupation Director of Sales
Employer Simplitium
Location Oslo, Norway
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Carl Christian Tønsberg Nilsen is director of sales at Simplitium (formerly Boat Services), a Cinnober subsidiary.

He joined Boat Services in late 2016 as director of sales. Nilsen focuses on developing and managing the firm’s customer base for TRADEcho, with an emphasis on the Northern European client base. [1]


Before his appointment at Simplitium, Nilsen was head of equities at Oslo Bors, where he oversaw sales and marketing for the exchange’s equities business. Prior to heading up Oslo Bors’s equities business, he spent over five years at Oslo Bors in various roles.


Nilsen holds a Master (MSc) degree in Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics.


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