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eRTD is a java-based distributable front end.

It provides many of the same features found in RTD Realtime Trading Desktop in a lower cost, scalable and deployable package. eRTD is browser independent and can be rebranded.

Target Users

Brokerage firms • FCM’s • Investment banksIntroducing brokers (IBs) • Individual traders

Professional-Style Tools

Orders can be executed via a number of market displays. Spreader calculations are done on the server in order to further reduce latency.

Risk Control

RTS Realtime Systems Group’s risk management has been adapted for the needs of brokerage and clearing firms. Risk management software resides on the server, allowing for centralized risk management. With RTD’s risk capabilities and control components for eRTD, managers are able to define pre-and post execution limits over positions, trades, users and user groups. This level of granularity guarantees an comprehensive risk analysis and control on an account and user level.

Like RTD, eRTD is based on an exchange-independent client server infrastructure. The communication server forms the core of the system and acts as the interface to other RTS software solutions.

Market Access

RTS offers Direct Market Access to nearly 100 exchanges and liquidity pools from one window. Most European and North American, as well as a number of Asian, and Middle Eastern exchanges are available.

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