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Elliott Piggott
Occupation Co-Founder
Employer SmartPitch
Location London
LinkedIn Profile
Website <http://www.smartpitch.com

Elliott Piggott is a cofounder of SmartPitch and the former chief executive officer of Trayport.[1] He joined Trayport in March 2001 and left in December of 2015 [2] but stepped down from the job a week after the Intercontinental Exchange acquired Trayport for $650 million in December of 2015. He was with Trayport for 14 years.[3]

Piggott became chief executive of Trayport in February 2009 a few months after the business was acquired by the broker GFI.


Before joining Trayport he was at Hill Samuel and British Aerospace in their computing and telecommunications unit.


Piggott is a graduate of Cambridge University and a Chartered Company Secretary.


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