F. Helmut Weymar

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F. Helmut Weymar
Occupation Advisory Board
Employer Witherspoon Asset Management
Location Princeton, NJ
Website [1]

F. Helmut Weymar is a member of the advisory board for Witherspoon Asset Managment. He is most well known for being the co-founder, former chairman and chief executive officer of Commodities Corp.


Weymar got his start as manager of commodity economics at Nabisco, advising how to buy cocoa and other commodities.After four years there, he went off to found Commodities Corp. in 1969. It achieved success by investing its capital in the futures markets, and by being one of the first firms to apply complex math techniques to trading, a practice that is still used today. He has also been on the board and executive committee of the National Futures Association and of the Futures Industry Association. [1] He is a founding member of the Futures Hall of Fame, inducted in 2005.


Weymar graduated from MIT in 1958 with degrees in business and engineering administration. He also received his Ph.D. in economics in 1965. His doctoral dissertation, "Dynamics of the World Cocoa Market," was published by MIT press in 1968 and earned the American Agricultural Economic Association’s award for the best published research that year.


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