Fadi Khalaf

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Fadi Khalaf
Occupation Secretary General
Employer Arab Federation of Exchanges
Location Lebanon
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://www.arabstockexchanges.org

Fadi Khalaf is Lebanon-based exchange executive who holds both French and Lebanese passports. Since 2009, he has served as the Secretary General - Arab Federation of Exchanges.[1]

Prior to joining the AFE as secretary general, he was the chairman of the Beirut Stock Exchange for 10 years (1999-2009).[2]


Khalaf worked in Paris as a financial consultant prior to moving back to Lebanon. He is a founder of the French Association of Technical Analysts (AFATE) in Paris and a member since 1991.

He worked with the Lebanese Ministry of Finance on the draft of the Capital Market law and defended it in the Lebanese Parliament.


Khalaf holds a PhD in economics from the University of Paris at Sorbonne in France, and a masters degree in business administration and the diploma of technical analyst.


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