Garry N. O'Connor

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Garry N. O’Connor
Occupation CEO
Employer International Derivatives Clearing Group, LLC

Garry N. O’Connor is CEO of International Derivatives Clearing Group, LLC (IDCG). He was appointed to the position on Jan. 6, 2010.[1] He succeeded Chris Edmonds.

He is also President of the NASDAQ OMX Futures Exchange[2].


O’Connor previously served as chief product officer for IDCG. In 2009, he gave testimony before the Committee On Agriculture Of The United States House Of Representatives in that role.[3] He was previously a director with Merrill Lynch. During his time at Merrill Lynch, O'Connor led the Australasian interest rate derivatives trading operation in Sydney and the interest rate swaps trading desk in Tokyo. O'Connor also helped establish Merrill Lynch's Asian U.S. Dollar interest rate trading business and its North American presence in the European derivatives markets.[4]

Before his time at Merrill Lynch, O'Connor served as a vice president with Bankers Trust Australia. While there, he managed interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodities risk in both Sydney and Auckland.[5]

He has been in the investment banking industry for 17 years.


O'Connor attended the University of Otago from 1988 to 1992 and received a BCom (Hons), Finance.



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