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Gary Sagui
Location Chicago

Gary Sagui is a veteran independent futures trader and broker who has been a member of both the CBOT and the CME.[1][2]


Sagui started at Harris Bank in their foreign exchange trading department. He left to go trade bonds with Blythe Eastman. However, the firm failed and was merged into what became Paine Webber. At a cocktail party with the executives from Paine Webber, Sagui met Bill Dudley, who offered him a job in Chicago trading on the financial floor.

He later moved to Kidder Peabody where during his seven years he became a partner. After leaving Kidder, Sagui joined with his brother Matt to become a broker and local trader in the Chicago Board of Trade financial trading pits.

Sagui traded on the CBOE by exercising his CBOT membership exercise right from 1995 to 2007. His broker-dealer firm was Templar Securities, LLC.[3][4]



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