George A. Gibbs

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George A. Gibbs
Location Chicago

The late George Augustin Gibbs (1811-1865) was a Chicago businessman who was a founding member of the Chicago Board of Trade who served as its president in 1855.[1][2]


Gibbs was the son of Dr. Norrin E. Gibbs, a pioneer of Rochester, New York. George Giss was born in Rome, New York, September 13, 1811. His mother was Sophia Gibbs, a descendant of General Patterson, of Revolutionary fame.[3]

In 1840, Gibbs moved to Chicago as the agent for a forwarding line in Buffalo, NY. For some time, he was in that business for, but finally formed a connection with the firm of B. W. Raymond & Co., which later became known as George A. Gibbs & Co.

With Edward W. Griffin, he built what was afterward known as the old Galena Elevator, and which was the first of its kind built in Chicago.

In 1854-55 he was president of the Chicago Board of Trade.

He died on December 8, 1865.


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