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Gregor Pottmeyer
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Occupation CFO, Member of the Executive Board
Employer Deutsche Boerse

Gregor Pottmeyer is a finance and exchange executive who serves as a member of Deutsche Boerse's executive board and as chief financial officer. He has been on the board since 2009.[1] He is under contract through 2022.

Media stories in August of 2017 listed Pottmeyer as a leading candidate to be named CEO to replace Carsten Kengeter.[2][3][4][5] Pottmeyer was to lose his job as CFO should the now-failed proposed merger with the London Stock Exchange Group have gone through. LSE CFO David Warren was expected to get the combined entity CFO role.[6]


Pottmeyer, born in 1962, spent his whole career prior to joining Deutsche Boerse in varying finance roles in the automotive industry, working for DaimlerChrysler Bank and Mercedes Benz Bank most recently.[1] He joined Mercedes Benz in 1987.

At Mercedes Benz, Pottmeyer helped convert the car company's financing arm into a full bank.[7]

The exchange extended his contract until 2022 in the wake of the failed merger with LSE in early 2017.[8]


Pottmeyer has a graduate degree in business administration studies from Saarland University.[1]


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