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Howard Simons
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Occupation Owner and President
Employer Rosewood Trading
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Howard Simons is owner and president of Rosewood Trading.[1]

He was previously a market strategist with Bianco Research, LLC.

He was an active contributor to a variety of publications, including Active Trader, Currency Trader, SFO, Futures/Modern Trader, and Minyanville, publishing close to 1,600 articles between 1994 and 2017. He is the author of The Dynamic Options Selection System: Analyzing Markets & Managing Risk (John Wiley & sons, 1999).


Simons was special academic advisor to NQLX, a now defunct securities futures exchange.[2]

Also previously, Simons was director of research at Fimat USA, a risk manager and public policy economist for Amoco and manager of econometric analysis at Transworld Oil.[3]

Simons has served as an economist, oil trader, trading systems designer, director of research and professor of finance. He writes on macroeconomic and financial market topics including fixed-income, commodities, currencies, derivatives and equity markets and consults for a wide variety of financial industry organizations.


Simons received a master's degree in business administration, concentrating in finance and econometrics, from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He received a master's degree in international economics from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins.

Published Books and Articles


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