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The Bovespa Index, or "Ibovespa" is a total return index of Brazilian equities. The index represents the current value, in Brazilian real, of a theoretical stock portfolio constituted on its inception date in 1968, adjusted for changes in distributed benefits (such as dividends, subscription rights and stock bonuses). [1] The portfolio weighting are recalculated quarterly.

The Ibovespa comprises nearly 70 stocks traded on the Sao Paolo Stock Exchange ("Bovespa"), and captures approximately 70 percent of the stock value traded in Brazil.

Ibovespa Futures

A Brazilian real-denominated futures contract based on the Ibovespa has traded on BM&FBovespa since 1986. Contract specifications can be found HERE.

On October 22, 2012, CME Group began listing a U.S. dollar-denominated Ibovespa contract. To view the specifications of the CME contract, which is traded on Globex under the ticker symbol "IBV," click HERE.

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