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Jamie Khurshid
Occupation Co-founder
Employer DigitalRFQ
Location London
LinkedIn Profile
Website http://www.digitalrfq.com

Jamie Khurshid is a London-based financial executive who serves as a co-founder of DigitalRFQ.[1]

Khurshit also serves as a board member of 4phyll, a non-executive director of OneCycle Group, and an advisor to AAX. Additionally, he is an advisor to Velox Financial Technology, LLC as well at Quantum Technology Solutions. He is also the co-founder of Match Financial.

Previously, he was the CEO of Simplitium, owned by Cinnober, from 2014 to 2018. He joined the company as a partner to develop and build on their banks and brokers strategy. He negotiated the company's aquisition of Boat. [2][3][4]

He left Cinober/Nasdaq in May of 2018.


Khurshid is well-known in London trading circles, particularly for his roles in technology and electronic trading at banks.

Khurshid's introduction to regulation in financial services came from heading up the MiFID Technology Programme for Credit Suisse, representing the firm on a number of London InterBank Forums and facing off to the FSA. During this time he was also the representative for the bank consortium ventures to set up both Boat Services Ltd and Turquoise MTF.

He worked at Goldman Sachs as head of EMEA product development for the algorithmic and electronic trading businesses, and at the Royal Bank of Scotland to rebuild the cash and EDF businesses. He also worked for more than 10 years at Credit Suisse.[5]


He holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Reading in the field of environmental science.


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