Keith Goggin

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Keith Goggin
Occupation Partner, Market-Maker, Specialist
Employer Integral Derivatives, LLC
Location New York, NY

Keith Goggin is a partner at Integral Derivatives LLC, the largest options specialist firm on the NYSE Amex options marketplace. He has been a market maker and specialist in options on ETFs since their inception.[1]


Goggin has traded index-based products, including ETFs, since 1996. Prior to joining Integral Derivatives, he traded derivatives for OTA LLC and STR Trading Partners. He worked for the derivatives division of the American Stock Exchange (Amex).

John Lothian News Interview

Former John Lothian News editor-at-large Doug Ashburn spoke with Goggin about the seventh anniversary of the Gold ETF contract, the role of speculators, high market volatility, and the future of ETFs. Published December 6, 2011.


Goggin earned a BA in Economics from Colgate University. He also attended Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.[2]


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