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Keyboard Trader
KeyboardTrader Logo.jpg
Founded 2010
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Adam Sheldon, founder
Products Trading software, and trading keyboard systems
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Keyboard Trader is a keyboard-based execution system designed to speed up manual futures trading. It is owned and operated by Bionic Trader Systems, a Chicago-based technology firm created in 2010 by trader Adam Sheldon. The software component connects to markets through the APIs of leading futures front-ends. Keyboards are also offered by Bionic Trader Systems that work with the software.

The goal of Keyboard Trader is to provide manual traders a faster way to trade than using a mouse. The product is configurable to allows users to trade spreads, baskets, single products, or a full portfolio with single keys, or a combination of keys.[1] Users can also adjust the meanings of the keys on the fly, enabling them to quickly adjust the products they trade each day with the same keyboard interface.

Active intraday traders can use Keyboard Trader for fast scalping and quick position changes. Spread traders may use it if auto-spreading doesn't work well for their trading strategies, or if they prefer to work the legs of their spreads manually but faster than with a mouse. Others may use Keyboard Trader as a position management tool or insurance policy, given its ability to execute orders on many products quickly.

Risk management components are included within Keyboard Trader that allow traders to reduce their position limits on the fly to figures below what their broker provides. Keyboard Trader also includes a macro builder for custom development of order entry techniques, and a set of utilities for quick rollovers, macro import/export, and other workspace adjustments.


Bionic launched Keyboard Trader in September 2012.[2] In October 2012, it became a connected partner on Trading Technologies' X TRADER platform. On April 1, 2013, Keyboard Trader launched as an add-on for CQG Integrated Client.[3] On April 5, 2013, Bionic Trader Systems became a Certified CQG API Partner. On June 17, 2013, Keyboard Trader launched as an add-on for T4 by CTS.

Video: Keyboard Trader Demo

Key People

Adam Sheldon, Founder


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