Madeline Jannotta

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Madeline Jannotta
Occupation Freelance User Research Strategist
Employer LUX Laboratory, Inc.
Location Chicago, IL
LinkedIn Profile

Madeline Jannotta is a freelance user research strategist for LUX Laboratory, Inc.

She was previously a user experience (UX) researcher at Trading Technologies,[1] where she was responsible for analyzing and creating use cases for Trading Technologies' flagship platform, X_TRADER.[2] She held that position from October 2012 to October 2013.


Before joining TT, Jannotta worked in the UX department at Sears and was a UX Specialist for Scripps Network. [3] She also ran UX studies for AOL while attending New York University (NYU). She is currently active with UX Groups in Chicago and the NYU ITP Alumni Association.


She graduated from Cornell with a BA in film and computer information science. She also obtained her master’s degree in interactive telecommunications program (ITP) from NYU.


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