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MarketForum is an Internet message board where posters offer their very latest opinions on futures and options trading. MarketForum operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Entrry to MarketForum is free and there are no registration requirements.

Most participants of MarketForum post under an assumed name or alias, although there are notable exceptions. The Moderator of MarketForum is the owner of the site, Alex McCallum.

All posters on MarketForum must include an email address with their post. There is an easy to use search function on the site to locate entries by certain posters or by key word. Posters are not allowed to include email addresses, phone or fax numbers or street addresses in messages. Promotional messages are not allowed and will be removed by the Moderator.

Off topic messages are labled with NTR, which stands for Not Trading Related.

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