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MarketsWiki Education
Founded 2013
Headquarters Chicago
Key People John Lothian, Jim Kharouf
Products Educational events, videos
Twitter @MarketsWikiEdu
LinkedIn Profile

MarketsWiki Education is an educational initiative of John Lothian News that features a wiki website, videos, events and markets related educational material freely available to the public.

MarketsWiki Education is an extension of John Lothian News and its knowledge-base about the global financial, derivative and environmental markets.

The MarketsWiki Education site, was launched in February of 2013.[1] In July of 2015, a new wiki skin was introduced, making the site more dynamic and easy to use. A list of jobs and internships in the financial markets was added to the site.

Also, MarketsWiki Education includes a LinkedIn group for interaction with event participants.[2]


Calendar of Events


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