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1. Developing a social media policy for your firm
2. Monitoring the activity under your company’s name (as well as what is tweeted about your company)
3. Technologies that enable you to stay compliant with your regulator(s)
4. How to protect yourself from viruses and hackers
5. Security issues


John J. Lothian (@JohnLothian) - Founder of MarketsWiki


Carl Gilmore (@lawboy101) – General Counsel at Penson GHCO
Ray McKenzie (@raymack1999) – Vice President at the InterContinental Exchange
John J. Rapa (@jrapa) – Managing Partner and Chief Operating officer Mahogany Partners
Regina Thoele (@rthoele) – Senior Vice President of Compliance at the National Futures Association

Money raised goes back into our continuing efforts to build MarketsWiki.

This event is to provide you valuable information about these communication tools. We are not selling or promoting a product.