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The Nations VolDex Index measures broad market implied volatility by way of at-the-money SPY options (options on the S&P 500 exchange traded fund). It offers an alternative gauge of volatility to the CBOE's VIX Index. The VolDex Index is calculated by NationsShares, a small index provider based in Chicago and headed by president and CIO Scott Nations.

The VolDex launched in June 2013, with a first day close of 17.31 on June 21, when the VIX finished at 18.90.[1]

The SEC approved listing options on the Nations VolDex Index (ticker: VOLI) on January 28, 2014. ISE Holdings' two options exchanges, ISE and ISE Gemini, were the first options exchanges to enter into a licensing agreement with NationsShares to list options on the index. The exchanges plan to list options on VolDex in late 2014. [2]


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