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First, there hundreds of books on options. If they can't get a high enough rating on Amazon (4 stars or above, with at least ten reviews), we're not including them, because as random as that sounds, we just have to draw the line somewhere. Period. Plus, everyone has at least five friends that will send in random, glowing reviews.

First, for novices here's an inexpensive, but good primer (not really a book per se) from Options Industry Council, king of the hill for a neutral, non-biased approach to the topic of options education. In simple terms, it explains what options are and how they work, provides real-world investing scenarios, and describes options strategies for various markets. It's easy, and it gets the point across, kind of an "options for dummies," although OIC would never consider anyone a dummy, but rather a beginner: An Investor's Guide to Trading Options, $12.95