Roxanne M. Bennett

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Roxanne M. Bennett
Occupation Managing Director
Employer Hehmeyer Trading + Investments
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Roxanne Bennett is a veteran financial services executive. She is managing director at Hehmeyer Capital Management.[1]

Previously, she was the CEO of New Era Alternative Investments Ltd.

Before New Era Alternative Investments Bennett was executive vice president of Price Asset Management, Inc. ("PAM"), a CTA/CPO firm part of the Price Group companies.[2][3] At PAM, Bennett was responsible for product development and marketing.


Bennett's futures industry career started in 1984.[4] Before joining PAM, Bennett was an executive with ABN AMRO Inc. a bank-owned futures commission merchant. As a director at ABN AMRO, Bennett helped market clearing and execution services to commodity trading advisors and hedge funds.



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