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Founded 2009
Headquarters Greenwich, CT
Key People Evgeni Mitkov, CEO
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SURFACExchange is an ECN for foreign exchange (FX) options for institutional clients.[1] The company was founded in 2009 and went live with their platform in August 2011.[2] Its platform allows access to both standardized ("on-the-run") volatility pricing, as well as options and forwards with a non-standard strike price or expiration ("off-the-run") pricing.


SURFACExchange was granted EBOT status in 2009, and went live in August 2011, using Citi FX as its prime broker and central counterparty. Once the CFTC finalizes its rules for swap execution facilities ("SEFs"), SurfacExchange plans to apply for SEF designation.

Products and Services

SURFACExchange's ECN is comprised of the SURFACEwave graphical user interface (GUI) and SURFACEstream FIX 4.4 based Application Program Interface (API). [3]

SURFACExchange also provides historical market data including volatility, deposit rates, forward rates, and spot rate prices. Along with this, users have access to the company’s derivatives pricing software.

John Lothian News Interview

SURFACExchange CEO Evgeni Mitkov Discusses the Potential for FX Options
Evgeni Mitkov, CEO of SURFACExchange, launched the FX options ECN in August 2011. Just over a year later, they’ve attracted almost 50 firms by offering the ECN to currency options traders through a no-install browser-based platform. Mitkov spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf during the Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago, about how the FX market is holding up, how the participation base is shifting away from banks, and where the FX options space is moving. Published October 16, 2012.[4] Watch at

Key People


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