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Seismic logo.png
Founded 2017
Headquarters London
Key People Cathryn Lyall, Bill Templer, Brendan Bradley, Jeff Gale and David Feltes
Employees 5
Products FinTech funding and partnerships

Seismic Foundry is an early stage capital markets financial technology fund. The firm was founded by Cathryn Lyall, Bill Templer, Brendan Bradley, Jeff Gale and David Feltes, to help fund start-up fintech firms in the financial markets space.[1]


The firm was created by a group of veteran industry executives with extensive experience in the bank, broker-dealer, exchange, trading and technology space. The focus is on early stage start-ups, which often have difficulty in attracting funding by larger venture capital firms. Seismic Foundry provides capital as well as management expertise and networking services to help firms grow.

By targeting very early-stage firms, the fund seeks to leverage the UK's Government Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, which provides tax benefits to investors of start-ups.

The firm made its first investment in Kite Edge in January 2018, a search and content firm that helps clients unbundle research on MiFID II rules.

It made its second investment in a regulation technology start-up firm called Enforcd, which provides a regulatory database for institutions. The platform includes news, analysis and statistics that help firms identify and manage regulatory risk.

Key People


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