Shane Finemore

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Shane Finemore
Occupation Managing Partner
Employer Manikay Partners
Location New York
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Shane Finemore is a managing partner at the hedge fund Manikay Partners. Finemore raised $300 million for the new hedge fund and secured backing from Goldman Sachs.[1] He reportedly contributed $25 million of his own money for the fund.[2]

Finemore was elected to a term as a non-executive director at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2007.[3][4] In September of 2013, Finemore stepped down following his hedge funds involvement in an U.S. Securities Exchange Commission action accusing 23 firms of manipulating markets.[5][6]

He was also named a director of Australian trucking company Ron Finemore Transport (RFT).[7]


Finemore is a former head of the U.S. Fundamental Investment Group for UBS. He was head of equities proprietary trading at UBS for 17 years. Under Finemore's leadership, UBS made major investments in exchanges including CME, CBOT and the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE).[8] He was a member of the UBS Investment Bank Board, U.S. Equities Operating Committee and co-chaired the U.S. Equities Trading Committee.

When asked in a Q&A interview what advice he would give to Australians thinking about working in the U.S. financial services industry, he said the Australian talent pool is "every bit as good as the U.S. talent pool" and that there is "a perception if you're an Aussie and you've been in a smaller market that the U.S. and Wall Street might be too big to get your hands around." He said there is a greater pool of people who should make the jump and come and compete in the U.S., because they can do it successfully.[9]



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