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Steve Michell
Occupation President
Employer Weather Insight
Location Houston, TX

Stephen Mitchell is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Board Member of Weather Insight LP. Their main focus is to create a company that offers weather services that focuses on actual financial impact of weather on the capital markets. Their hurricane product can give detailed information of all the oil rigs in many US coastal areas. This information is vital for all the traders in the energy, power and weather markets.

Prior, Stephen worked in Chicago on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and with Citibank on their Global Derivatives desk. In 1996 Stephen moved to Houston to trade electricity with Koch Industries. While at Koch, he developed an accurate electricity price-forecasting model and risk management system. This system involved components that promoted the integration of other groups on the energy trading floor at Koch. In 1997 Stephen joined Amoco Energy Trading to help establish their power trading capability. It was at Amoco that Stephen worked with a full time dedicated staff of Amoco programmers to further enhance the accuracy and stability of the electricity price-forecasting model, upgrading it to a more robust and powerful operating platform that could be used by multiple Amoco business units [1].


In early 1999, Stephen joined a Silicon Valley internet startup business named e-Acumen, to leverage his pricing model with web development expertise and access to venture capital. For the next year, he helped the company refine its business strategy, seek venture funding as well as develop and market the web products for the wholesale electricity trading marketplace.


Stephen earned a B.S. in Finance from Florida State University. He then earned a MS in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago. The concentration of this relatively unique Masters program is a highly quantitative curriculum, which is primarily focused on the structuring and pricing of common and exotic derivative securities.


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