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Christine Marie Nielsen
Location Chicago

Christine Marie Nielsen is an award-winning Chicago-based journalist who specializes in covering the financial industry and has expanded into creative nonfiction work.

From April of 2012 to January of 2013, Nielsen was managing editor of the John Lothian News service.[1] She joined the company in 2007 as a contractor and became an employee and senior editor/producer in 2009.

Nielsen writes a monthly commentary on the subject of commodities for Dow Jones Indexes.

She is a lifelong member of the journalism honor society Kappa Tau Alpha.

Our Earth Issues

OEI Logo final.jpg

Nielsen is the publisher and founder of Our Earth Issues (OEI). The site uses interactive video to create large-scale virtual "global town hall" meetings with the aim of facilitating dialog and finding solutions to problems common across the world. A patent is pending on the methodology.

As part of the OEI project, Nielsen coined the term "Dialog Journalism" and registered the term for trademark in summer of 2011 (serial number 85378511).[2] The term describes the method through which live video conversation takes place among many at the same time (on a turn-by-turn basis) using the latest social media applications to discuss and find solutions to global issues reported by the media.

The stated goal of the site is to move beyond the traditional media model, which by most accounts is broken. Noted on the home page of the site is that where traditional media identifies problems and then moves on, OEI aims to highlight the issues that are of global concern and then foster conversation among experts and non-experts in hopes of solving problems.[3]

Nielsen contends that recent events and movements have shown that with the evolution of technology (social media) and travel, there are now global citizens who are ready to move beyond being bystanders to information and communicate. They are ready to acknowledge the big picture and be empowered with information to become part of the solution.[4]

Other Projects

She also acts as an executive editor of intercultural content for nonprofit Living Earth Television (LETV), an organization not affiliated with Our Earth Issues.[5]


Nielsen worked as a full-time staff reporter for Dow Jones Newswires for eight years, covering Chicago futures exchange and economic news. She also was employed as a wire reporter for international news service Knight-Ridder Financial for just over three years. She's had stories in BusinessWeek Chicago and Dow Jones publications The Wall Street Journal and Barron's, in addition to newspapers all over the world thanks to a relationship between the Chicago wires and the Associated Press.

Her background includes work as an equity market analyst as well, and she's been quoted as an expert on the stock market by both and French wire service Agence France-Presse. She also did a stint for Business News Network as a trading floor-based reporter for a daily syndicated radio show about the markets.

Nielsen's reporting career began when she worked a community reporter for the daily newspaper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Nielsen studied at Northwestern University for a master degree in Creative Nonfiction. She received an undergraduate degree in Journalism with an English minor from Marquette University and during that time also studied photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD).


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