Walter Fitch

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Walter Fitch

The late Walter Fitch was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and served as its president in 1906.[1]

He was the senior member of the brokerage firm of Walter Fitch & Company.


Fitch was born in Fox Lake, Wisconsin on December 15, 1861.[2] He came to Chicago in 1898 and joined the Chicago Board of Trade after having been in the grain trade in Wisconsin.

He was first affiliated with the firm of Pringle, Fitch & Rankin, but later took over the business under the name Walter Fitch & Company, Inc.

He was a member of of the Union League Club, and Kenwood Club. He served as president of the Chicago Athletic Club. He was also one of the founders of South Shore Country Club and served as president for several terms.[3]

In 1910, Fitch testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture. He testified to protest against enactment of legislation prohibiting dealings in futures with agricultural products.[4]

Fitch died suddenly on July 17, 1913 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the age of 52.



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