Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III

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Walter Thomas Price, III
Occupation Co-Chairman
Employer Price Holdings, Inc.
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA

Walter Thomas (Tom) Price, III is Co-Chairman of Price Holdings, Inc.[1]


Price was chairman, president, CEO and was the sole shareholder of The Price Futures Group, Inc.[2] and Price Asset Management, Inc. prior to an employee stock ownership plan he instituted.[3] He also had been a principal investor in Uhlmann Price Securities.

Additionally, Price was chief executive of Beeland Management Co., which managed investment products and accounts based upon the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI).

Price has been involved in the securities, cash commodities and commodity futures markets for more than 40 years as both a trader for his own account and as a broker. He is president, a registered principal, and associated person of Price Capital Markets Inc., with which he has been affiliated since February 1997. At Price Capital Markets, Price is ultimately responsible for overseeing all trading decisions.


A graduate of the University of Texas, he is both a licensed FINRA principal and NFA principal.

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