William R. Hambrecht

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William R. Hambrecht
503px-Bill Hambrecht(William Hambrecht).jpg
Occupation Founder, Chairman And CEO
Employer WR Hambrecht + Co

William R. Hambrecht is the founder, chairman and CEO of financial services firm WR Hambrecht + Co, a company that he started in 1998. In this role, Hambrecht pioneered the use of auction-based IPOs.[1]

Most recently, he proposed the creation of a stock exchange that would specialize exclusively in smaller companies, or small-cap stocks.[2]

He serves as a director for Motorola Inc. and AOL Inc., is on the board of trustees for The American University of Beirut and serves on the advisory council to The J. David Gladstone Institute.


In 1968, he co-founded Hambrecht & Quist, an investment banking firm specializing in emerging high-growth technology companies.


In October, 2006, he was inducted to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He graduated from Princeton University.


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