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Wu Qing
Occupation Chairman
Employer Shanghai Stock Exchange

Wu Qing is chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He was appointed to that position in May of 2016, replacing Gui Minjie. He joined the exchange in the aftermath of the 2015 Chinese stock market crash and a series of failed efforts at market reforms in China. He is a veteran securities regulator. [1]

He is also chairman of the board of the World Federation of Exchanges, appointed in September of 2017.[2]

He is a member of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and a representative of the 14th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress.


From 1992-2010 he held various positions at the China Securities Regulatory Commission, most recently as director general of the Intermediary Supervision Department. In that role in 2009 he directed a nationwide clean-up effort by the CSRC to investigate suspicious trades by mutual funds.

From 2010-2011 he was deputy chief of the Hongkou District Government in Shanghai, deputy governor and acting governor of the Hongkou District. He was governor of the Hongkou district from 2011-2013 and then chief executive of the Hongkou District Government from 2013-2016.


He has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a Master’s degree in economics and doctorate from Renmin University of China, and an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge.[3]


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