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== Key People ==
== Key People ==
*[[Drew Mauck]], Founder and Principal
*[[Drew Mauck]], Founder & CEO
*[[Lorna Kiewert‎‎]], Account Director
*[[Lorna Kiewert‎‎]], Account Director
*[[Fabiola Camacho]], Account Director
*[[Katie O’Shea]], Content Manager
*[[Katie Huffaker]], Account Director
*[[Amy Fitzenrider]], Publicist
*[[Katie O’Shea]], Content Strategist
*[[Will Ruben]], Account Director
*[[Sam Svoboda]], Content & Analytics Director
*[[Sam Svoboda]], Content & Analytics Director

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3Points Communications
3pt logo.gif
Founded Apr. 5, 2010
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Drew Mauck, Founder; Lorna Kiewert‎‎, Account Executive
Products Financial Public Relations
Twitter @3PTsComm
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Page
Website www.3ptscomm.com

3Points Communications is a financial services communications firm in Chicago specializing in financial technology, HR technology, & Chicago Technology. Its clients include banks, exchanges, brokers, wealth and asset managers, and technology providers active in futures, options, forex, and securities.[1]

3Points maintains a wide swath of relationships in the financial media, from specialized but influential new media to established media outlets such as Barron's, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.[2]


3Points was founded in 2010 by Drew Mauck.

Products and Services

  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Messaging
  • Social Media Relations
  • Competitive Intelligence Report

Key People


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