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Actuarials Holdings, LLC
Ah logo.gif
Founded 2007
Headquarters Chicago, IL USA
Key People Adam Burczyk, Founder & CEO; John McPartland, Michael Usiak, Paul Schneider, Alger "Duke" Chapman
Products OTC derivatives
Website www.actuarials.com

Actuarials Holdings, LLC, is a Chicago-based firm that originates, organizes, and operates capital markets on behalf of institutions and professional traders. They offer electronic straight-through-processing execution, exchange, clearing, custodial, and valuation services for clients from trade inception to settlement.

Their clearinghouse, AE Clearinghouse, LLC, is registered with theCFTC to offer OTC- and exchange-traded derivatives for institutions.


Products and Services

Actuarials offers trading in Clippers, a defined risk futures like OTC contract. According to Actuarials, "the Clipper is a "standard manufacture" derivative that structurally caps a gain or loss from an underlying asset to a "clip limit" amount. Whether the trader initiates the short or long side, the trade is automatically filled on a dark-pool exchange. A range of intraday -- at every quarter-hour and hour - overnight, weekly, and monthly expirations make Clippers appropriate for almost every trading style or strategy."[1]

AE OTC Services, LLC, provides custodial trade escrow services solely for institutions and professional traders who are eligible contract participants, lawfully trading OTC derivatives referencing securities, currencies, and other excluded commodities, under the express provisions 1a(12), 1a(13), 1a(31), 2(d)(2), and 2(e) of the Commodities Exchange Act (CEA), as amended, and under 3(a)(5)(55)(A) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.[2]

Key People


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