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Evan Nosek
Occupation Executive Director of Trade Development
Employer TradeLink

Evan Nosek is an executive director of trade development at TradeLink Holdings LLC. In the course of his tenure at the firm, Nosek has started numerous market-making operations for TradeLink and has built a number of trade groups. He recently started and developed market-making operations in precious metals and foreign exchange products. Nosek is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange and will be a member of CME Group.


Nosek joined TradeLink in 1988 as a desk manager for off-the-floor operations. He managed the bond options desk for the firm from 1988 to 1990.

Nosek was one of the first traders to trade the firm's futures program models. He also was involved in establishing operations to provide liquidity to the Winnipeg Exchange for canola oil, market-making in Brazilian soybeans at the CBOT and market making in sugar on the Liffe and ICE and Euronext.

In 1994 Nosek was named director of international trading. In that role he was instrumental in the development of electronic trading operations for TradeLink. In 2000 Nosek became director of execution for TradeLink's asset management arm DigiLog Capital LLC.


Nosek attended Northern Illinois University.