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Gerald J. O’Connor
Occupation Vice President, Advanced Solutions
Employer Trading Technologies
Location Chicago, IL
LinkedIn Profile

Gerald J. O’Connor (Jerry) is vice president of the Advanced Solutions area at Trading Technologies (TT). O’Connor manages TT’s partner program and the Advanced Solutions team.

O’Connor served as a panelist in the 2007 FIA show, focusing on electronic trading of options.[1]


O’Connor began his career at Unisys Corporation as a computer consultant designing a Tickler system for Corus Bank. He moved to BALR Corporation where he had computer consulting assignments at Zurich Bank, JS Paluch, Tellabs, Ameritech, Abercrombie & Kent and Platinum Technologies.

Ten years ago, O’Connor started working at TT to create their licensing system for their products. Afterward, he moved to the X_WEB team, their Java based version of X_TRADER, before it was terminated while in beta. O’Connor worked in the product integration group focusing on betas, escalation of critical issues, and utility tools. Six years ago, O’Connor started the professional services group, which was the consulting division of TT. This group created over 40 plug-ins including Navigator, TOES, Fill Recapper, FARM, OCO_Trader, Equalizer, Position Mover, and Trade Tracker. O’Connor was then promoted to VP, API connectivity which included professional services, development technical support, and TT’s partner program.


O’Connor holds a BA double major in Economics and Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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