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Henry Shatkin
Employer Shatkin Arbor, Inc.
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.shatkinarbor.com

Henry Shatkin is futures trader, trading floor broker, brokerage executive and exchange director who cofounded Shatkin Arbor, Inc. with former Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Chairman Patrick Arbor, and served as the firm's chief executive officer.[1] He has been a professional trader for more than 50 years. A former director of the CBOT, Shatkin has continued to play an influential role in the exchange trade of Chicago futures. As the CEO of Shatkin Arbor, he is intimately involved with the day-to-day workings of the firm.[2][3]


Shatkin is a historical figure in the futures industry. He is mentioned as an International Monetary Market (IMM) advocate in CME Group (CME)chairman emeritus and board director Leo Melamed's book about the industry - Escape To The Futures. IMM division of the CME was set up for trade of currency and interest rate futures and options.

Shatkin was chairman of Shatkin Trading and cleared the trades for many of the CBOT leading traders, including Ray Cahnman.[4][5][6]

He was one time partner and a political ally of former CBOT chairman Leslie Rosenthal and was mentioned in the book about the FBI trading sting at the CBOT and CME titled "Brokers, Bagmen, and Moles: Fraud and Corruption in the Chicago Futures Markets."[7][8]

Shatkin was a financial backer with Pat Arbor of Zaner Group LLC.[9]

In 1965, Shatkin was accused of the CEA of Department of Agriculture of trading violations related to record keeping of trades. He agreed to desist from the practice[10]

In 1985, Shatkin and Shatkin Trading were fined by the CFTC for wash trades related to certificate of deposit futures, a contract no longer traded at the CBOT.[11][12]

The business and assets of Shatkin Arbor were acquired by Australian financial-services firm Macquarie Group (Macquarie) in August of 2008. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.[13]Under the deal, senior management of Shatkin Arbor would occupy key leadership roles within Macquarie derivatives arm Macquarie Futures. At least one media report said Shatkin and Arbor contended that the agreement leveraged their firm's platform and would contribute to the firm's expansion in a global market.[14] Shatkin later reacquired Shatkin Arbor from Macquarie.[15]



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