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Jack Sandner
Occupation Director
Employer [[CME Group]]
Website www.cmegroup.com/

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John F. (Jack) Sandner, a former CME chairman, has served as a director of CME Group since July 2007.


Previously he served as a director of CME Holdings' board since its formation in August 2001. Since July 2003 he has served as chairman of E*Trade Futures, LLC.

Sandner has been a member of CME's board since 1978 and a member of the exchange for more than 31 years. He also served as special policy advisor to CME Holdings' board from August 2001 to October 2005 and to CME's board from January 1998 to October 2005. Previously, he served as chairman of CME's board for 13 years.

Sandner was previously president and CEO of RB&H Financial Services, L.P., from 1985 to November 2003, now a division of Man Financial Inc. Sandner serves as a consultant to RB&H Financial Services. He currently serves on the board of directors of the National Futures Association.

In 2007, he was inducted into the Futures Industry Association Futures Hall of Fame.[1]


Registration Information

  • John F. Sandner - NFA ID 0082971
  • E*Trade Securities LLC - NFA ID 0320906


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