Joyce Selander

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Joyce Selander

Joyce Selander is a financial services veteran who in the 1970s was the first woman to trade financial futures on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.[1]


Selander began her futures industry career in 1968 with M-S Commodities, a firm founded by Sol Schneider, one of the founders of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. She was hired as a margin clerk. She was quickly promoted to floor manager, responsible for the CME trading desk for M-S Commodities and instructing its clerks.[2]

During those early years, women were not permitted in the trading pits and Selander was repeatedly fined for going into the pork belly pit to get 80 year old Sol Schneider out of harms way when trading became chaotic.

In 1972, Selander moved to the Chicago Board of Trade to work for Conti-Commodities, the then new customer division of Continental Grain. After 3 years at the CBOT, she moved to Cargill, Inc.'s customer division Cargil Investor Services (CIS).

In 1977 Selander bought a financial membership on the CBOT, later called an Associate Membership, for $30,000. Hey trading badge acronym was JOY.

She later joined Clayton Brokerage, recruited by then CBOT Vice Chairman John H. (Bud) Frazier, Jr.



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