Per-Anders Häll-Bedman

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Per-Anders Häll-Bedman
Occupation Founder
Employer Brotorpkonsult AB
Location Stockholm
LinkedIn Profile

Per-Anders Häll-Bedman is a Stokholm-based financial technology executive who is the founder of Brotorpkonsult AB.

Previously, he served as the deputy CEO of Cinnober. He was appointed to that position in October of 2010, in addition to his then existing position as head of support and operations. He joined Cinnober in 2002.[1]


Before joining Cinnober, Häll-Bedman was CEO of Abaris Financial Systems, at the time one of the leading system suppliers for the banking and finance industry in the Nordic countries. He worked for more than 20 years in the financial industry, within trading and corporate treasury as well as international project management for large institutions and banks, including Nordea and OMX.



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