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{{Infobox Person
{{Infobox Person
|employer =  CBOT Member
|employer =  Hagerty Grain
|job      =  FCM Executive
|job      =  FCM Executive
|loc      =  Chicago
|loc      =  Chicago

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William D. Hagerty, Jr.
Occupation FCM Executive
Employer Hagerty Grain
Location Chicago

The late William D. "Bill" Hagerty, Jr. was a longtime member of the Chicago Board of Trade and onetime head of one of the oldest CBOT member firms, Hagerty Grain. Hagerty died in February of 2017 at the age of 87.[1]


Bill Hagerty's father became a member of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1921 and Bill followed him into the business thirty years later. The senior Hagerty established Hagerty Grain in 1937 as a clearing member of the CBOT, and the junior Hagerty took over 40 years later as president.[2][3] Hagerty Grain served local traders on the CBOT.[4]

Bill Hagerty was an active member of the CBOT political structure and in 1977 become Chairman of the CBOT. He was instrumental in recruiting Bob Wilmouth to the CBOT to become its president.[5] [6]

In 1999, Hagerty was supportive of an effort by IBM to build a trading match engine for the CBOT and opposed a deal for the CBOT to use Eurex's technology.

Hagerty was one of seven former CBOT chairman who supported challenger David Brennan over incumbent Pat Arbor in 1998 for the chairmanship of the CBOT. Brennan was an outspoken opponent of an electronic trading deal with Eurex, though he would later change his mind after he was elected chairman.[7]

Hagerty would later bring his own sons, John and Bill, into Hagerty Grain.



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